Inkjet ‘Giclée’ Prints

inkjet prints


Inkjet ‘Giclée‘ Print Features:

Inkjet Giclee prints are produced on Glossy or Luster papers. Inkjet Giclee prints consistent and accurate prints as a result of color calibration and attention to detail, images are printed as submitted.

Metallic Inkjet Prints

Printed on Pearly high metallic gloss Inkjet-media Files are professionally corrected for density and color.

Metal Prints

Metal Prints created by directly infusing the image into an aluminum sheet using a sublimation process. Remakes are not available due to imperfections in the product.


Bond is a bright-white, high-quality, 46 lb. (175 gsm) bond paper. It provides a cost-effective option for printing short-term, full-color posters, renderings, and presentation graphics


Print Requirements:

Files must be organized in folders by print size and quantity – when submitting by CD/DVD Files must be sized at print size at a maximum of 300 dpi for optimal quality, a minimum of 100 dpi Files must be saved in JPEG format Level 10 comrpession is recommended Files need to be RGB colorspace Roughly corrected for color and density

Custom Color Requirements:

Color manipulation for custom attention is available by request and would include a proof print for your approval, we recommend that you send along a ‘guide print’ if you already have in mind your expectation for the look of the image. Please ad 100% to your first print, additional prints same image standard rate.